Is Twitter Jail Real?

Yes, Twitter Jail is real.  It’s not a real place on Earth but it is a virtual holding place for exceeding certain limits on Twitter.

What Is Twitter Jail

To put it simply, Twitter Jail is a hold that is put on your Twitter account if you go over certain limits within an hour or within a day.  During this jail time you can still access your page and read other tweets but you cannot create any new tweets, this includes retweets!

How Do You Get In Twitter Jail?

Most people using Twitter normally don’t end up in Twitter Jail in their life time but it is definitely possible to go there.  If you tweet more than 100 times in an hour or more than 1000 times in a day, you will be put in Twitter Jail.  It only lasts several hours and afterwards you can resume tweeting again.

There are a few common situations where one might end up in Twitter Jail.  For example:

  • A big news event breaks onto the scene suddenly and it triggers people to Tweet furiously for the next three hours.  Before you know it you’ve retweeted 100 times in an hour. Jail time!
  • Twitter Chats are another common situation where mass amounts of tweets happen in a short amount of time.  These events can be addictive and cause you to tweet quite frequently in a short amount of time.
  • You’re at a conference or other offline event and you are bored.  You tweet and retweet crazily as you pass time away for the next hour.  Go to Jail!


What Is The Purpose Of Twitter Jail?

Twitter is not trying to be rude or mean by imposing this restriction on your account.  It’s simply an easy way for them to protect their servers from overloaded traffic or from spammer attacks.  Think about a situation where a spammer may try to send out 1000 tweets with 1000 different hashtags in it while trying to promote their product to a bunch of strangers.  No one wants to see that and Twitter doesn’t want to waste valuable bandwidth to send that message down the wire.  It’s better for everyone this way.  Besides, if you reach Twitter Jail, maybe it’s a good reality call to gently show you that you need to be more active in REAL LIFE! 🙂